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Upgrade your crypto business with the Kryptonia blockchain app,offer your customers ability to Sell, Buy, Store or Swap popular Cryptocurrencies including your custom coin.

Unique Features

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Kryptonia was built with security in mind, hence it offers App Lock (Fingerprint, FaceId and passcodes), too many attempts lock out for passcode and login, privacy mode to hide balance, ability to disable account in case of a compromise, transaction signing etc.

Live Data

Get current Top Gainers and Losers, latest price of popular cryptos like bitcoin, ethereum plus 250+ other cryptocurrencies, in addition to the latest crypto News.


To ensure a user keeps track of their activities within Kryptonia, user device records (device name, IP, location, and country) are stored with respect to date of login, so also are the operations performed.


Regardless of nationality, Kryptonia breaks through language barriers as it offers App Localization, RTL, and preferred choice of currency.

2 Factor Auth

As an extra layer of security, Kryptonia provides 2 factor auth to users, to secure their accounts with Google, Email or SMS auth.

Social Login

Kryptonia Uses an email and password login system, in addition to that it also supports social login. (E.g Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter).

Stay up to date with current Crypto Datas and Latest News

See clear, clean and up to date and prices of over 250 Top Cryptocurrencies, or get more control and check out the top gainers and losers, in addition to the latest news in the industry.

HODL, Send or Receive

Hodl, send or receive crypto with the Kryptonia mobile Crypto wallet securely and seamlessly.

Easy Peasy Swappy

With a system scraping through the best rates in the market, swap your coins confidently for the lowest fees available.

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Buy or Sell

Regardless of if you are buying or selling, the Kryptonia app offers you the platform for just that, as it offers varieties of payment methods like paypal, razorpay, paystack, stripe, google and apple pay, credit card, payoneer, bank payment and nowpayments.


Suitable Pricing Plans

If your end product including the item is going to be free to the end user then a Regular License is what you need. An Extended License is required if the end user must pay to use the end product.


For the


  • Use in a single end product
  • Use in a free end product
  • Full Source Code
  • LifeTime Update
  • 6-Months Support


small Company


  • Use in a single end product
  • Use in a free end product
  • Full Source Code
  • LifeTime Update
  • 6-Months Support
  • Use in an end product that's sold